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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the bay area. the quest for six will have to wait a year as the team's dreams of another super bowl title cut short by the seahawks. the loss not without drama on and off the field. >> that's result you're going to get. don'ts you ever talk about me. >> the post game rant landing a former stanford grad in the hot seat. why michael crabtree has to say about it. >> a live look outside. it's monday, january 20th, and this is "today in the bay." good morning. good morning 49ers fans, i'm
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scott mcgrew. >> we're all a little depressed. a lot to get to. let's turn this day around. good morning. >> turn this day around. 30 degrees in the north bay. let's change the subject right away. temperatures are going to be really nice, a lot of people have the day off. after all we today get to honor the great reverend dr. martin luther king jr. and temperatures are going to be fantastic. we're talking about the 70s with some major changes around the corner. cooldown and showers, real showers this time. i'll talk about that coming up. back to you, laura and scott. >> two people dead, police searching for the gunman after a double shooting in east oakland yesterday afternoon, two men found shot to death in a car in the 100th avenue and longfellow avenue across the freeway from the zoo. witnesses say at least one person drove away from the scene after the shooting.
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police have not released suspect descriptions or possible motive. >> in san francisco a suspect is in custody and two recovering after a double shooting. that happened last night at the intersection of turk and taylor streets. one person was shot in the arm, the other hit in the leg. police arrested a suspect less than a block away from the scene and a gun was recovered. so far police have not spoken about a motive. both victims are expected to make a full recovery. >> a high profile attorney involved in the case of two bay area high school basketball coaches fired after allegations of hazing. according to the "san francisco chronicle" two players on the woodside high school basketball team were beaten, gagged and duct taped to chairs by their teammates during a road trip last month. we couldn't reach the district superintendent for comment but he told the chronicle the incident was, quote, extremely unfortunate. now attorney dolan says he is
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considering legal action against the high school district. he made headlines as the attorney for the family of the teen at the center of a national debate over medical procedures and brain death. >> a home in san jose had to be evacuated. the garage caught fire in south san jose. people were in the home when the fire broke out. crews evacuated them before fighting the fire. and firefighters were able to knock down the flames before they spread. investigators still trying to figure out how that fire started. the 49ers are back at team headquarters this morning. it new gear up for the super bowl but to clear out their lockers. >> the team's quest for a sixth title was cut short by the seahawks. hundreds of fans were on hand to greet the 49ers as the buses rolled in just before 11:30 last night. listen to them cheer. holding signs, chanting let's go 9ers, yelling thank you as those
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players arrived. 49ers faithful wanted to be there to make sure the team knows win or lose they are loved. >> i think that the territory does really play a big part. the seahawks are a great team but the noise probably does get to their head. i feel like the refs were a little unfair but that might be because it's my team and i want to believe that. >> it really hurt when we had two key players go out. i think it affected the players, i know it affected us, the fans. it's all right. we'll get them next year. >> fans certainly hope for a different outcome, many say they are proud of the team and looking forward to starting next season at levi stadium. >> how about this angle on the video, a different perspective. 49ers nose tackle ian williams posted this on his stains gram page. the fans lining the street from his perspective as they were leaving last night. williams wrote quote this is what we come home to, that right
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there is why i'm blessed to be a part of this franchise and the bay area. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick taking sole responsibility for the team's loss this morning after the game kaepernick said to reporters, i cost us this game. kaepernick turned the ball over three times in the fourth quarter including a critical interception to seal the victory for seahawks. but he was also responsible for a majority of the team's offense rushing for 130 yards, passing for another 150 against a tough defense. jim harbaugh says he is proud of the entire team's effort. >> collin and all our guys, great football players, they got great fight. what more could a coach ask for. they truly believe that they just one drive, one touchdown drive and we move on.
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that's what our guys believed would happen. came up short. >> you turn the ball over, i didn't play good enough to win. turned the ball over three times. i cost us this game. >> we all want to win. losing is never easy so it's a tough loss but we'll bounce back. >> for the most part it appears it was a calm night in san francisco. police say they made only a handful of arrests after the loss. extra officers were called in, in case rowdy fans filled the streets. san francisco mayor ed lee issued the statement. we would have liked a different outcome but we're grateful for the team's amazing last season. this year that will be forever remembered for thrills and excitement on the field from the first game to the last. >> as we have heard the fans say there is always next year so. what do the 49ers need to do to
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get to the super bowl next time? >> mindy is in seattle along side ray with where the team goes from here. >> the 49ers have reached the nfc championship three straight years under jim harbaugh and reaching the super bowl once. they get the regular season record, make it to the playoffs, the 49ers have a difficult time finishing the games and finishing the job when they need to. what do you take from that? >> that they are almost but not quite truly elite. they won 41 games in three years which is an extra to ordinarily difficult task but when the chips are on the table you can't play one half. you are measured in the postseason by what you do against the best teams in football. and three times now in their final game they have not been able to play a complete game. and frankly, in a world where you are graded very harshly you have to come up bigger than they
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do at games like this. >> where does the team go from here? there will be changes made in the off season. what will be key for san francisco to get back to the super bowl? >> i think their defense is fine. it's the elite part of this team. but they have to figure out a way it new rely on it to save them and the games after games after games where they only get two touchdowns. this is a high powered league now. you've got to be able to put points on the board and they don't do that often enough. 23 is not often enough. they have to get more creative offensively, get colin kaepernick to be more precise as a passer, and they have got to be either to figure out how to get frank gore so he doesn't have difficult games like this or get a running back who can be as good as marshawn lynch is game in and game out. >> a difficult loss after a solid 12-4 regular season. ray, thanks for a great season.
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hopefully next year we'll have other positive things in the playoffs to talk about. >> thanks, guys. 49ers may have to fill on defense for the start of the season is that of linebacker that strar ro bowman. he suffered a serious knee injury. if you watched, this is hard to watch. i don't watch it. early reports say it appeared bowman tore his acl. he will likely need surgery. in an amazing feat he grabbed the ball from the receiver. it was san francisco's ball, then everything went wrong. the receiver pushed into bowman's leg. the linebacker down on the ground several minutes, had to be carted from the field. then to add insult to literal injury though it was obvious he had recovered the ball the referees ruled seattle retained possession. >> got robbed. player getting the most attention stanford grad and seattle cornerback richard
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sherman. he is criticized for comments about michael crabtree. the two went head-to-head. and with time winding down sherman was able to tip a pass intended for crabtree in the end zone. the pass was intercepted sealing the win for the seahawks. emotional sherman had some not so kind words for crabtree. >> i'm the best one in the game. that's the result you're going to get. >> sherman didn't back down. he even after some time to collect his thoughts while at the podium during post game interviews he took another opportunity to reiterate his feelings. >> knew that crabtree was a mediocre receiver. mediocre. and when you try the best corner in the became a mediocre receiver that's what happens. >> come on. well, after the game michael crabtree had little to say about sherman but later on twitter replied quote film don't lie.
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pull up the tape of the game and show me where this guy is the best? hash tag take, take, take. >> we all look forward to watching the broncos crush sherman. let's check in. >> yes. go broncos. >> i'm not going to give you a mediocre forecast. i'll tell you that much. >> and guess what, it's going to be a lot nicer here. it's going to be in seattle today, mr. sherman. 39 to start the day in oakland. 41 in san jose. 46 in san francisco. we're starting out nice and kind of chilly. we're still going to hit highs above average if you wanted to get outdoors. i'm saying this is good news because there is significant rainfall in sight. the storm window will be opening, i know, rejoice as we head to the end of the month. we need the rain. the governor of the state of california declared a state of emergency, jerry brown, last
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week, here for the bay area. we don't want to have to have water restrictions so keep that in mind. a good idea to conserve if you can. 73 in the south bay, the warmest down here but we see temperatures about as mild along the peninsula. pacific heights 71, comfortable in the north bay, between the mid-60s to low 70s in wine country. great looking day. fremont 68 today and the tri-valley the 70s so. i told you at the top of the show we have a major cooldown headed our way. you'll see that on the seven-day forecast. that does not time out the rain for you. right now back to you, scott and laura. >> thanks so much. >> still ahead "today in the bay," growing concern about security in sochi after new threats of a terror attack during the olympic games. >> why this could be the last year for a bay area event in honoring dr. martin luther king jr.
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welcome back everyone. 4:45. today the nation honors the legacy of civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. across the country hundreds of thousands of americans will commemorate dr. king's 85th
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birthday with church services and tributes. many will spend the day volunteering in the community in dr. king's name including president and mrs. obama. the king family will lay a wreath at the monument honoring dr. king in washington, d.c. and king's daughter bernice urges a day of nonviolence. and cities will take part in the eighth annual mlk peace walk. people in the bay area can commemorate the day with a ride on the annual freedom train. the train leaves san jose at 10:00 this morning, runs nonstop to san francisco. organizers have warned low turnout is threatening to end the 30-year tradition. participation has declined. the freedom train in the bay area is the only one still in operation. tickets cost $15. >> 4:46. questions about our country's relationship with russia. did russia help edward snowden even before he fled the u.s.? will the athletes be safe at the olympics? new video posted by suicide
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bombers has american leaders deeply worried. tracie potts takes a look from capitol hill. >> reporter: a new video from islamic extremists show how two planned this deadly explosion a few weeks ago. in it they claim the olympics are next. >> i would not go. and i don't think i would send my family. >> reporter: thousands of americans are headed to the games. lawmakers fear the unprecedented level of security in sochi isn't enough. >> i'm very concerned that if something does happen what is the evacuation plan and emergency response plan that would take place. >> reporter: the games apparently are not the target. russia is, the result of a war with muslims 1,000 miles from sochi. also there are new questions this morning about whether russia may have helped nsa leaker edward snowden. >> i don't think it was a gee whiz luck event he ended up in
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moscow under the handling of the ssb. >> he may well v. we don't know. >> edward snowden told me he acted alone. >> reporter: government investigators tell nbc there is no indication that russia or any one else helped snowden take secrets from the u.s. russian president vladamir putin says because snowden has been granted full asylum she free to travel where he wants in russia including the winter olympics. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> we heard the warnings for target and neiman-marcus customers whose data was stolen. experts say even if you did not shop at those stores you should take extra steps to protect your credit and consider not using atm or check cards. given all of the trouble all consumers should first get a new credit or debit card, you should consider not using debit cards at all because it's harder to recover losses. from debit cards. another option, put a freeze on
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your credit so no one pretending to be you can apply for a card. and they say it's most important to pay close attention to credit card and bank statements. >> you have to get out the statement and look at every transaction and make sure it was one that you initiated. >> credit card experts suggest people take advantage of free credit reports checking them every few months. that actually the checking can impact your credit score as well. >> with the flu now widespread in 40 states, a temporary restriction on hospitals. only immediate family will be admitted as visitor, and no visitors with flu-like symptoms allowed in state hospitals. 11 people have died from the flu in indiana. in california, at least 45 people have died from this year's flu. officials are investigating 50 cases. the centers for disease control describing the outbreak as reaching epidemic levels.
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fewer than half of americans usually get a flu shot but it's not too late. firefighters say by wednesday they should have the wild fire burning near los angeles completely surrounded. right now the fire is 80% contained. everyone who had been evacuated they were allowed to return home. it started last week when an illegal camp fire got out of control. police arrested the three men who say they set that. it destroyed about two dozen homes or buildings. >> it's a holiday today so we gave mike inouye the day off. and not christina loren. weather never quits. >> it never does. you know what, a lot of people have the day off. they want to get outdoors, wondering what will the weather hold for this beautiful dr. martin luther king jr. day. it will be the best beach day of the week. 41 in san jose, we're 46 in san francisco this morning, headed toward the 70s.
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abundant sunshine. 73 degrees in the north bay, 71 in san francisco, and we're looking at about 73 degrees in the south bay. so we've got changes headed our way. onshore flow picks back up throughout this week. as a result you'll notice our temperatures are going to drop off. i wanted to show you the story we're going to focus in on. today we're going to start at 70 degrees, the normal is about 61. in the mid-60s by wednesday the low 60s and then we'll boost your numbers up a touch into this weekend before our next significant chance for rain. i've been telling you about this, we are watching for the storm window to open up toward the end of the month. so we're really bull's eyeing tuesday, we stop the clock for you. getting into next week look at this, some promising rain. and the jet stream stays to the south. four consecutive days with significant rain chances. boy, do we need it. back to you, scott and laura. >> it is 4:51.
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"today in the bay" switching sports, track and field star named to the bob sled team.
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welcome back to you. it is 4:54 this morning. in the south bay this morning nearly 200 doctors, nurses and staff from kaiser permanente will spend the holiday repairing santa clara county's largest homeless shelter. they will gather at the
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reception center in san jose starting at 9:00. they paint and clean and renovate the center. it's part after 10-year kaiser tradition paying tribute to dr. king with community service. former nba star dennis rodman back in rehab, reportedly checked himself into an undisclosed fa style treat his long time struggle with alcohol. facing criticism over his bizarre behavior to north korea including an angry meltdown during a tv interview. he later admitted he had been drinking. his agent says the star is embarrassed, saddened and remorseful for the anger and hurt his words have caused. track and field olympian lolo jones has officially been named to the u.s. olympic bobsled team. this is file video during a community event last december.
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she and fellow star lauren williams were chosen for the bob sled team. jones won gold turned to bob sled. jones is hoping to win her first olympic medal. she failed to make it to the podium in the 2008 summer olympics. transfer to a different sport. the opening ceremony in sochi now 17 days away. you can of course find complete olympic coverage including more on all of the bay area athletes on our website, >> we now know who will join jimmy fallon as he takes over hosting "the tonight show." >> his first guest will be actor will smith, and the rock band u 2, not bad. the host won't be the only thing changing. it will make the move back to new york city. its original home. "the tonight show" has been recorded in southern california since 1972 when johnny carson moved it west.
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you can catch fallon's debut here on nbc bay area. >> breaking news out of the south bay, one person rushed to the hospital after a fire overnight. police involved. we'll take a look. >> 49ers will be back at team headquarters this morning not to suit up but to pack up. we'll have reaction from the players about the heartbreaking loss. >> and you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge, 4:57.
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new video just in of the two men reportedly behind a pair of deadly terror attacks in russia last month. the new threat to olympic security coming up in a live report. >> the heroics of batkid claimed the hearts of the world but also theft city of san francisco with a hefty bill. we're going to tell you about the local philanthropist who stepped in to help. >> and it's a chilly start to
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the day but temperatures are going to climb by about 25 to 30 degrees over the span of the afternoon. you don't have to do the math. i'll be back with your high temperatures and rain in the forecast coming up. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. today is monday, january 20th, and this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're going to start with breaking news out of the south bay, police investigating a shed fire landed one person in the hospital. it started before midnight near regan street and bernice avenue. one person taken to the hospital but investigators say that person was taken because of a police matter, not because of the fire. we are working on this, we're trying to get more information. we'll bring you the latest just as soon as it's available.


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